Rewriting history or your truth?

Woman Cartoon Running

Woman Cartoon Running

Like 25 million other people plus I flirt occasionally with some of the social networking sites facebook, Myspace, Bebo and Twitter.

There are good bad & indifferent situations that arise out of these dealings. For business it can be useful it’s sometimes easier to make contact on facebook than it is through business email – work that one out!

A negative can of course be that prospective employers can find out all sorts about you that you really wish they hadn’t Seth Godin sums that up brilliantly on his google post you’ll find a link to his blog at the bottom of his page you would have found a link here in the middle if I could have worked out how to do it!!

A slightly unnerving part of hanging out in these circles is that folk from your past can find you and engage.

Occassionally a blast from the past tips up remonissing about ye olde school days and the numerous goings on from then.

Now what they write and remember is of course their memory, their truth it’s not nessassarily how you remember it.

Take for instance this comment from an old school aquaintance from 27 yrs ago now my thinking always is if I’d liked you loads then we’d still be hanging out or I’d have seeked you out! harsh as that sounds I do mean it

Anyway when trying to jog my memory following my tentative probe as to who they were they came back with “If i remember both myself and you were one of the fastest sprinters at the school 100m”

Now my memories of the schools sports day don’t involve anyone else being fast, the winners certificates I hold say “First” not Second or third, I represented the school and the county for a number of events so… you see my dilema not only has this person invited themselves in to my social area they’re re writing the past…..

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